Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday, July 23rd-rambling man

Notes and thoughts...

We started out the class this morning responding to everyone's blog.

Gave overview of the day...programs/applications we will be looking at
  • Dropbox
  • iTunes U
  • QuickTime -screen record
  • Screen Flow
"Center Court"...examples of poor integration of technology
  • Poor implementation of student response system-use students to help integrate and teach the technology
  • Speaker system used in the classroom
  • Canby school district-really using technology, good to go visit
  • BUILD IN TIME...create those routines
RSAnimate Ken Robinson Video "Changing Education Paradigms"
-ADHD epidemic
-The state of education in America

RSAnimate Daniel Pink Video "Drive"
-Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose
-Group conversation reflecting ideas presented

Education Week: Flipped PD Initiative Boosts Teachers' Tech Skills
-My take away from the article is in order to have effective, sustainable PD around technology teacher must be supported along the way.  This thought makes me reflect on the clicker system we purchased and lack of continued PD support.  We offered initial support, but the continued support was lacking. 
-How can this apply to my work?  If I create a technology innovation committee next year, I need to provide support for the technology they are using.
-It is the opposite of sit and get...

Useful Programs

-Dropbox: on-line storage, can we store all our documents in this program?
-iTunes university: good resource for teaching lessons, this might be a starting point for tech. PD
-Website discussion/communication overview
-Slide Share...great resource for presentations

Thoughts on next steps...
-Technology representative from each neighborhood
-Use response system to gather data
-Monthly technology integration meeting
-Share out technology innovation at each neighborhood meeting
-Read "Drive" as a staff/group, what really motivates us?  How can we use the ideas in this book to help teach our students?
-Set up work sessions for those with technology questions


So many ideas, yet so little time or energy.  After taking any education class, I am always so inspired, but as soon as the shine wears off, I revert back to my old ways and my inspiration turns to perspiration.  How do I keep the inspirational momentum?  For me this is a very tough answer, considering "life".  Besides being a husband, father, educator, I do not dedicate time for creative thinking, but I need to build in this time in order to implement the ideas I have learned.  Even if this is only 30 minutes to 1 hour a month, it is a start.  

For me, since I am a simple man, I think the best way implement any new idea is to start small and build upon the successes.  A question for me is where to start?  Today, two programs help me answer this question-iTunes u. and  iTunes u. would be a great place to start technology PD.  Interested teachers could peruse this program and find something they can use in their classroom.  Using iTunes u. as a launch pad is a small start that could easily be implemented at the start of the school year.  The other program we learned about today is slide share.  This program contains a ton of presentations on all sorts of topics.  For example, in slideshare there is an education tab with all sorts of presentations ranging from...

Interesting facts...
Both of these programs could easily be shared with staff that they could start using immediately without much training.  In order for technology to be implemented, staff must receive on going support and be held accountable for what they are learning.  Thanks, again, for reading my rambling thoughts.


  1. Thanks for your thoughts, Doug. I can very much appreciate the tension of all that tugs on your time and priorities. I can see you want to strike that balance and find some kind of sweet spot, and starting small is a good strategy. Thanks for your rambling thoughts!

  2. I too appreciated learning about iTunes U. What a cool warehouse of knowledge. I do hope for a day where building principals and a movie making educator would capture teachers' best practice in the classroom and put them into something like iTunes U. Short clips of classroom greatness would be accessible to all the staff and show off our local talent. This level of professional development as well as professionalism would change the face of school practices. It would also help with teacher evaluation as teachers who are exemplar in an area would be shared openly.

  3. Dang!! Just lost my great reply.... again!
    Ok, shortened version! You've got a great strategy to battle the feeling of never having enough time to master something. You've picked a couple of great ideas and already have thought about how to implement and use them with your staff. Your one hour a month is great to. It's putting it in the calendar and promising you'll give yourself the time that is so hard.
    Love your golf background!

  4. Hi Doug: I mentioned this in another blog this morning to someone who did the same thing: I really like that you incorporated images into your blog. It shows that you are implementing the strategies that Todd is showing us in class. Your blog has a nice clean look with a few well-placed graphics--it brings me back to the suggestions we got yesterday on presentations and websites.
    I also feel like once the school year starts (and I suppose as an administrator it never really ends), I have little time to sit and reflect--that 20% talked about. I, too, am going to try to carve it out somehow as I see in leaps and bounds how it works. Often when the school year ends in June I close my door and don't come back in until I have to. This June I was back in the Monday after school let out, doing some planning with other teachers and going back over some things that bugged me from the school year that I didn't have time to fix or address. I felt fired up having the time without the pressure of needing to be there and having the students there. In short, it was my 20% in a way and it was good. Good luck finding your time.

  5. Thanks for sharing about the education tab on slideshare! Will have to check it out! We could spend hours playing with these new tools, couldn't we?! :)